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G5 Massage is a mechanical massager that goes much deeper than the therapist can. Different heads are used to mimic different massage techniques. The massage head is driven to turn in gyratory motions, moving round and round, up and down and side to side with pressure, providing a deep massage. G5 is excellent for toning, increasing circulation and to aid in the breakdown of fatty deposits and cellulite. Particularly good for back, shoulders, thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach. This form of massage stimulates deep blood flow and therefore can be used to relieve very tender areas where deep manual massage may be too painful. It can also be incorporated into your slimming program to help break down cellulite.


·         Dilates blood vessels

·         Improves circulation and relieves congestion

·         Increase local blood and lymph flow

·         Improves elimination of wastes and toxins

·         Promotes relaxation and better sleep

·         Aids exfoliation process

·         Helps alleviate pain

·         Helps prevent injuries

·         Disperses oedema following injury


Benefits and Effects on Body Fat

·         Improves circulation

·         Useful in firming body contours

·         Helps reduce long established fat deposits and subcutaneous fat

·         Reduces fat deposits connected with poor circulation

·         Evenly disperses subcutaneous fluids and fat


Benefits and Effects on Skin

·         Helps skin function more efficiently

·         Improves skin texture

·         Enhances the removal of waste products

·         Increase secretion of natural oils

·         Exfoliation creates soft, supple skin

·         Helps delay new wrinkles

·         Diminishes skin growths and wrinkles

·         inhibits formaiton of skin imperfections

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